About Us

"Le Vie del Made in Italy" promotes the Italian excellences in order to valorise their features and history. The idea was born from the passion of a group of people, widely experienced in tourism, who decided to bring its contribution to the spreading of wine culinary culture, craft and Italian receptivity, highlighting the most significant results.

Italy can boast a food, cultural, artistic, historical and landscape heritage like a few other countries in the world and from here the travel into the flavour, craft and hospitality streets will begin.

"Le Vie del Made in Italy" offers a travel to flavours’ places offering the chance to taste the excellent wines, delicious food and traditional recipes that come from the inheriting of ancient knowledge; it amazes with the master craftsmen’s art, opens the historical residences doors, villas and holiday homes, sharing the beauty of enchanted places.

It were selected companies, shops and facilities according to the aim of the site. Great visibility was given not only to the most famous names of the sector, but also to all those companies who let discover its treasures. Any structure or product presented does not dispense high quality standards, starting from the conviction that our country extraordinary heritage and its image pass by customer satisfaction.